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-or- who is using the bandwidth?

out with the old, in with the new!
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connectivity package: ?

max theoretical speed: ?MBps ?MBps

we are: Kinabalu Coders, and

made possible with dd-wrt, with YAMon

built with bootstrap, fontawesome, and jquery

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down (% max)
current download speed, percentage of downlink bandwidth usage. when this is full (or near-full), your local connectivity will begin sucking in a hurry.
up (% max)
current upload speed, percentage of uplink bandwidth usage. when this is full (or near-full), your local connectivity will begin sucking in a hurry due to dropped/queued ACKs at the gateway.
this hour (% transfer)
MB downloaded and uploaded, percentages of hourly transfers
today (% transfer)
GB transferred, percentage of all daily transfers
month (projected)
GB transferred, projection to month end assuming constant transfer - gets more accurate as the month progresses

notes: (1) speeds are estimated over 10-second intervals (2) "% max" is based on ?% of the published bandwidth (3) complete names are only disclosed when connected to the makerspace network for privacy and confidentiality reasons (4) page is subject to change, may break from time-to-time (5) service created to help with bandwidth management, TRY not to use it for anything other than its stated purpose e.g. torches and pitchforks - if somebody you know is hogging the network, let them know nicely

Bans (0)


register devices for uninterrupted internet

notes: (1) ? for unclaimed/unknown devices (2) overlimit results in immediate ban, unblocked (3) full mac addresses shown for identification, hidden and removed from user interface after registration (4) registered devices do not have any limits unless perma-blocked/shadow-blocked for abusive behaviour (5) perma-blocks and shadow-blocks are not shown in this table (6) device list refreshes every 30 seconds (7) allow up to 3 minutes for bans/unbans to take effect at the router - you must remain connected to the network for unbans (8) feature is experimental and subject to change/tuning

Usage Spikes (0/0)


notes: (1) spikes permanently logged when uploads or downloads exceed ?% of available capacity for at least seconds (2) owners are listed based on devices on the network during the spike, sorted in order of highest usage to least usage (3) table refreshes every 20 seconds (4) records are kept indefinitely, table only shows most recent spike(s)